What is TRAIL?

Real time online tracking Vehicle current location updates with detailed information Vehicle travel path history maps for up to 30 days or as needed All vehicles current location map with location and speed information Comprehensive Trip Information Report for the entire fleet Comprehensive Route Analytics Fleet Current Location Dashboard Geo-fence Location Entry & Exit Reports (Web Access & Scheduled Email Reports) Daily, Weekly & Monthly Trips Report

why GPS tracking?

A GPS Tracking solution is to locate and track the whereabouts of your vehicle in real time via Internet on a computer or a Smartphone. From individual operators to large fleets of cars, vans and trucks, we have the GPS Tracking system and Fleet Management solutions for you

  • Always online insight into the fleet
  • Get more directly from your field
  • Surprisingly, low cost

The benefits of TRAIL

A comprehensive track and trace system is particularly easy for the efficiency of your sales force greatly in a short time, manage and improve.

  • Rapid return on investment through our extensive intuitive software package
  • With Real Time Track and Trace will take you to the right person faster site.
  • Always online and easy to use with your computer, tablet or smartphone

Cost reduction

Computing and reporting of actual fuel consumption is an important challenge for any fleet manager. GPS Tacking Device offers a broad perspective of the fleet activity, in order to significantly reduce fuel consumption. Speeding wastes fuel. GPS Tacking Device Application will provide maps, reports and the ability to set Alerts in order to control the behavior of drivers.


Reports generated by GPS Tacking Device Application are customizable, in order to give you the exact information you need. In the Application you can generate more than 35 different types of reports, each report allowing personalized configuration that lets you extract information you consider relevant for yourself. An important advantage is that you can you have all these simply through online access, without the need to install additional software on your computer. All you need is Internet access.

Improve Driver Safety with GPS Fleet Tracking

Knowing which drivers commit unsafe behaviors the most or least allows a manager to reward and reinforce safe driving habits, provide additional training on safe driving, and coach drivers to safer driving habits.

Ensuring workplace safety is a challenge all managers face. When your employees operate vehicles in the field all day instead of sitting at a desk, however, maintaining a safe working environment can feel like an insurmountable challenge. But what if you could keep an eye on every vehicle in your fleet and be confident that your drivers are always safe? GPS tracking devices make it easy for fleet managers to monitor their fleets' driving habits and ensure their safety in real time, even when they're not in the office.

WHY TRAIL / CLOUD Telematics?


TRAIL is the track and trace system developed in practice. Unlike many other providers TRAIL works with international standards. TRAIL uses the latest technology in the field of GPS and black box systems and offers a guarantee of best result.

Our Black-box

The TRAIL black box can be installed in any vehicle. This is done by experienced technicians who are specially trained for this purpose. This is a proper extension, the safe of the vehicle also guaranteed.


Operational cost of TRAIL black box are actually surprisingly low. For a fixed monthly rental charges to the GSM provider, you can have a commercial vehicle with a TRAIL black box and can follow it on the map.


TRAIL is a worldwide track and trace system with an excellent track record. A system that, in terms of accuracy and reliability, easily passes every test.

Influential platform / Web Application that is easy to use

The TRAIL GPS Tracking Device is highly flexible and customizable to different needs. It’s also incredibly easy to use. Navigation features, running reports, managing assets, and configure alerts are simple tasks that anyone can learn how to do. All application features are available with just a few clicks, using a simple and intuitive interface. Allowing for swiftly and straightforward use of its functionality, the applications add competitive advantages on your market.

Constant research and development

We are always innovating to provide new capabilities. Through automatic software updates, new and improved features can be instantly added, and customer suggestions implemented. The clients portfolio developed over time helped us to understand that every company has specific needs and to adapt to a variety of different conditions and specifications. The application flexibility allows us to find and offer the most viable solution for each client’s business situation.

Full Technical Support

To properly handle situations that customers may encounter, we have a professional support team able to promptly provide answers and solutions to requests. We offer quick troubleshooting and keeping track of actions performed for each client. In this way, the detailed history of all events related to a certain client makes our technical support staff one of the best teams in the industry.